• What is a Framework?

    The Public Contract Regulations 2015 refer to a Framework meaning “an agreement between one or more contracting authorities and one or more economic operators, the purpose of which is to establish the terms governing contracts to be awarded during a given period, in particular with regard to price and, where appropriate, the quantity envisaged”.

  • Who can use the Framework?

    There are ten named local authorities which can use the Framework along with it being open to Welsh Local Authorities, Welsh Government and associated trading bodies, Welsh Further Education Colleges and Welsh Higher Education bodies. The full list of those can utilise the Framework can be found within the Contract Notice. Please click here to view the Contract Notice.

  • Is there a joining fee to use the Framework?

    No, the Framework is free to use.

  • Who are the contractors on the list?

    Please see here for a full list of the contractors.

  • What is the lotting structure and value bands?

    Please see here for the lotting structure.

  • How do we get access to the documents?

    All our documentation is available via our website. If you haven’t already got a log in, you will have to complete the access agreement and submit it via the enquiry form on the website. This will then reach the Framework Team who will review the request and provide you with a log in.

  • How quickly can we use the Framework?

    Once you have your log in details and informed the Framework Team of your project, you may use the Framework straight away. Please ensure you update the website to include your project in the members area on the website.

  • When is the start and expiry date of the Framework?

    The Framework runs from 4th January 2023 – 3rd January 2027.

  • What type of work is covered within the Framework?

    The Framework covers maintenance works, project works, drainage cleansing and surveys, grounds investigation and surfacing and surfacing preservation for highways and civil engineering schemes. The specification of the Framework is the 'Specification for Highway Works' published by The Stationary Office (formerly HMSO). Further documentation can be found in the Works Information Specification and Standard Detail Documents once logged into the website.

  • Can you use the Framework for funded projects?

    The Framework was awarded via a Compliant process in line with the Public Contract Regulations 2015. The Framework Team can provide documentation in order to support your request for funding.

  • Can we have a copy of the user guide?

    There is a user guide available to access on the website. Further guidance is available once you have logged into your account.

  • Are there standard quality questions available?

    There are standard quality questions available on request. The Framework Team encourage to ask forward facing project specific questions to achieve the best responses from the bidders for your scheme.

  • What are the weightings that can be used in mini-competitions?

    The following weightings may be applied;

  • Can I Direct Award?

    You may direct award to the lowest priced Framework contractor on the lot selected based on the schedule of rates. In some circumstances it may be possible that up to 20% of the intended cost of the works is not available in the Schedule of Rates. In this circumstance the award to a Framework Contractor for lowest cost will be based on the available Schedule of Rates. Where no rate can be used for an element of the works or services, the Potential Employer may price it using Defined Cost plus Fee (as defined in the NEC Contract) or actual cost or on a time charge as appropriate. If the scheme has more than 20% of items not available within the schedule of rates, the scheme should be competitively tendered via a further competition.

  • What forms of Contract can I use?

    The Framework offers a variety of NEC4 forms of Contract that can be used;

    • NEC4 Option A Works Contract
    • NEC4 Option B Works Contract
    • NEC4 Option C Works Contract
    • NEC4 Option A Professional Services Contract
    • NEC4 Option E Professional Services Contract
    • NEC4 Short Form
    • NEC4 Batching Contract
    • NEC4 Term Service Contract
    • NEC4 Supply Contract
  • What scoring methodology do I have to use?

    The Framework was awarded on a 0-5 scoring methodology but we have not stipulated that you must utilise a certain methodology. You may use a scoring methodology that is suitable for your requirement and tendering systems.

Knowledge Hub

Suppliers on the framework are invited to make use of a range of tools and training programmes offered by the following partner organisations operating alongside the framework to promote best practice:

NEC Contract

This is a suite of contracts that reflect and enable procurement and project management developments and emerging best practice. From major frameworks to minor projects, the documents can be used in the procurement of a broad reaching works, services and supply. As the result of improvements in flexibility, clarity and the ease of administration, NEC reports that the use of NEC3 contracts has produced major time, cost and quality benefits for projects both in the UK and abroad.

Constructing Excellence Wales

As the united voice of Welsh construction, CEW is an independent, self-funding body that represents every part of the construction supply chain. It acts as a link between Welsh Government, construction clients and the construction industry to improve construction processes through collaboration between the parties and innovative and sustainable practices. It also actively campaigns to promote the industry’s role in underpinning Welsh Government key strategies and developing a built environment fit for the future.

Construction Futures Wales

CFW offers the Welsh construction industry the support it needs to grow. Companies in the construction industry are invited to apply for support and those eligible will receive 1-2-1 guidance from experienced sector consultants. Companies not meeting the programme criteria are offered general business support and advice from Business Wales. CFW is a unique and fully funded initiative by Welsh Government and the CITB.

Supply Chain Sustainability School

SCSS can help construction companies to meet their clients’ sustainability requirements through a wealth of resources focused on building, maintaining and operating more sustainable buildings, infrastructure and homes. Access is provided to an award-winning resource library offering: e-learning, films, tools and learning resources with best in class knowledge on sustainability, offsite construction and management techniques.

Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Wales

CECA represent 60 of Wales’ civil engineering contracting businesses, with a cumulative annual turnover of over £1bn and employing over 6,000 people. These businesses are instrumental in supporting communities nationwide, they contribute significantly to the economic prosperity of Wales and offer training and apprenticeship opportunities.

Wales Co-operative Centre

The Wales Co-operative Centre is a pan-Wales support agency tasked with strengthening and empowering Welsh communities by supporting the growth of co-operatives and social enterprises, and by delivering projects that provide skills and tackle exclusion. It runs a number of services of use to the construction industry:

Social Business Wales is an EU and Welsh Government funded operation which supports the growth of social businesses (Social Enterprises, Co-operatives and Employee Owned Businesses). It works with social businesses to develop and to access new markets. It regularly maps the social business sector and it hosts a detailed directory of social businesses which can be accessed here.

Social Business Connect is a consultancy service which helps organisations to develop their supply chains in order to trade with the social business sector. The service offers a phased approach than can be tailored to your organisations requirements. Further information can be accessed here.

Street Games

StreetGames harnesses the power of sport to create positive change in the lives of disadvantaged young people right across the UK. StreetGames' work helps to make young people and their communities healthier, safer and more successful. In Wales, it has already supported over 75,000 young people.

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